We assist our customers in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their digital quality throughout their entire environment.

Meet our customers

With you every step of the way

We stand by our customers throughout their journey and are prepared to assist whenever needed.


Implementation - Startup

Throughout the implemen-tation phase, we guide our customers through the entire process to ensure they fully leverage the capabilities of OneView. Our consultants bring extensive experience in the relevant business areas and specific industry segments, guaranteeing expert insights and tailored solutions.


Support & Consulting Services

Our dedicated support team and consultants are always prepared to assist our customers. We are delighted to visit you and provide help with setup, collaborative sessions, and share our best practice processes. We are committed to ensuring your success every step of the way.


OneView As-a-Managed Service

Opportunity to delegate the operation and maintenance responsibilities of OneView to Monsalta. Experience improved risk management with Monsalta's effective sparring and analytical capacity. Optimize your internal resource usage and achieve high productivity with ease.

The Danish Agency for Digital Government leading the way in digital transformation

"With OneView, Monsalta is an important element in the Danish Agency for Digital Government's awareness of - and work on - our quality in delivering national digital services."

Rune Arnfeldt Jarden

Chefkonsulent, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen

Oneview helps optimization SLA reporting and strengthened customer relations

"Monsalta serves as our impartial alliance partner through OneView in our customer interactions, while maintaining a loyal spirit of collaboration. The automated SLA reporting in OneView has reduced our manual workload by over two weeks per month and minimized the risk of errors."

Kim Christensen

IT Operations and Security Manager, Schultz

SKAT has over 280 IT systems distributed among multiple vendors

"OneView is crucial for SKAT's priority of ensuring good response time and availability on both external self-service solutions and internal IT systems.”

Thomas Holte

Kontorchef, SKAT