End Users


A better and more

future-proof tax system

SKAT employs approximately 13,000 employees, divided into 20 departments spread

across the country.

SKAT's primary responsibility is to ensure that both Danish citizens and businesses pay their taxes and fees they are obligated to on time.

SKAT provides many diverse online self-service solutions, all dependent on efficient and rapid delivery of data from all underlying IT systems. These systems are interdependent but housed by several different subcontractors, creating a significant need for comprehensive overview of the overall service platform delivered to all employees, citizens, and businesses via the IT systems.

Over 280 IT systems distributed among multiple vendors

Today, all tasks within SKAT are close to fully digitized, ranging from company registration and tax returns to various payment solutions and tax payment verification. Every day, thousands of citizens and businesses access and submit sensitive and significant data to one of the approximately 280 IT systems managed by SKAT.

A significant portion of SKAT's IT systems has evolved alongside technological advancements over the last 10-15 years. Many of these systems require ongoing modernization to ensure the necessary functionality. Maintaining a stable collection of taxes and duties and continually adapting to new legal changes is crucial for SKAT. Several of these IT solutions are operated and maintained by external vendors while at the same time being entirely dependent on each other's availability and data exchange for proper functionality.

Real-time sharing of performance data enables quick and effective troubleshooting across the complex IT landscape.

OneView Creates Necessary and Critical Overview

OneView from Monsalta collects, processes, and shares real-time performance data across services and vendors. It is a crucial support for SKAT in maximizing the efficiency of their complex IT landscape. Regardless of vendors and technologies, OneView facilitates a streamlined and effective flow of information.

With OneView, SKAT cannot only streamline the handling of real-time data but also achieve a more cohesive and collaborative approach across their many independent internal and external system providers. OneView not only fosters more efficient information sharing, but also enhances SKAT's ability to make data-driven decisions for the benefit of all involved parties, thereby strengthening their digital transformation.

The necessary overview

“OneView is crucial for SKAT's priority of ensuring good response time and availability on both external self-service solutions and internal IT systems.”

Thomas Holte

Kontorchef, SKAT

Proactive use of OneView optimizes operations

OneView monitors the user's experience of response time and availability on SKAT's portals, systems, and digital services. Based on this data, OneView instantly calculates the user experience for each system.

All SKAT employees have access to a unified dashboard providing a real-time view of both internal and external portals and solutions. This eliminates the need for support inquiries regarding already known issues. The IT managers at SKAT can also proactively respond to warning signals received from the monitored solutions before any employees have reported issues with the affected systems.

SKAT shares their OneView overview with all their IT service providers. Vendors, system owners, and help desks at SKAT view the same picture. Therefore, vendors can immediately address performance issues without waiting for an inquiry from SKAT. The collected data enables system owners at SKAT to prioritize which systems need improvement to better support employees and customers. Even though many systems function flawlessly, instability can suddenly arise, and OneView can quickly identify whether this problem affects one or multiple systems simultaneously. This information guides vendors to locate and resolve emerging issues quickly and efficiently.

SKAT and their vendors utilize different measurement systems tailored to the various platforms and technologies on which the systems run. It is only in OneView that SKAT integrates these diverse datasets into a single, comprehensive overview that presents the real-time status of the digital services delivered to end-users. This results in significant savings in downtime and a notable reduction in troubleshooting time for SKAT. The monthly base and trendlines document the development over time for each system and indicate whether the systems are beginning to show signs of overload. Thus, SKAT can prevent the type of breakdowns that often occur when systems accumulate large amounts of data over time.

Always ahead

“Our collaboration not only allows us to optimize our current digital landscape and share digital information across all our vendors, but also ensures that we are constantly ahead in understanding how our end-users experience our digital services.”

Thomas Holte

Kontorchef, SKAT

OneView As-A-Managed Service

SKAT has chosen to outsource the setup and maintenance of OneView to Monsalta. This decision was made to optimize their internal resource utilization while achieving the optimal efficiency and collaboration around the results generated by OneView. By utilizing OneView as a managed service, SKAT gained direct access to their "own" dedicated team of specialists and, importantly, access to all of Monsalta's best practice processes which are continuously established across all internal and external OneView applications.

This strategic decision was made with the aim of strengthening SKAT's digital landscape and ensuring that their IT infrastructure operates as smoothly as possible across all their vendors. The collaboration provides SKAT with the maximum value of OneView and leverages Monsalta's expertise to enhance overall system performance and end-user experience.